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May 2019 - 4 Day Photography Tour & Workshop

Venice is like no where else on Earth

This historic city should be high on any travel photographer's list of top locations to visit.

You know the minute you step off the plane that normal rules just don't apply in Venice; You're definately not taking a taxi or an Uber to your accommodations.

You're gonna have to decide on a bus or better yet, a water taxi, but either way, getting around Venice is either on foot, or by waterway.  

Beforehand and after which, you'll be dragging your luggage and gear along cobblestone alleys and over the multitude of foot bridges.  

Tour Details:

We've built this tour to take advantage of the unique nature of Venice, to shoot not only the iconic locations, but also to spend more time shooting street photography, along the many canals and exploring the back alleys and the 500 year old Jewish Ghetto area of Guglie.

Bring your comfortable walking shoes and a sturdy gear bag, because we'll be hitting the streets for long days, wandering through the back alleys to shoot famous Venice locations as well as more intimate details of daily life.

About our Tour

What's Included:

1. Technical Workshop Tuition

2. Hotel accommodations, based on double occupancy*

3. Admission to all designated tour destinations, parks, monuments, museums.

What's Not Included:

1. Airfare to/from Venice

2. Transportation to/from hotel accommodations

3. You'll need to bring your Camera gear, including a tripod and a sturdy, comfortable bag or backpack 

4. You'll need a laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Loaded and with sufficient storage for your images

5. Your food / drinks

6. Non-tour related transportation or entertainment

7. Country-specific power adapters

Venice Street Photography

Street photography takes on a whole new meaning due to the unique nature of Venetian canals; so much of the composition is related to and affected by the canals, foot bridges, and waterway traffic.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Challenge yourself and your camera

We're also going to shoot the most iconic locations, ensuring our tour schedule places us n position at the optimal times for some of the worlds most recognizable views, such as the Basilica di Santa Marie della Salute as seen from Ponte dell'Accademia. 

We'll spend extra time solving photographic challenges, such as low-light conditions with moving subjects, requiring high compression and managing noise while pushing for camera's limits to the max.

We'll be shooting both sunset and sunrise at specific locations because the nature of Venice imagery changes dramatically with the changes in light, and is greatly affected by traffic on the waterways, which can be challenging to photographers.

Guglie at Sunset

Walking along the cobblestone streets & alleys of Guglie, you cannot help but absorb the rich history of one of the oldest Jewish ghettos in the world, established  over 500 years ago, this vibrant community was one of the first locations where religious differences led to forcible segregation.

Everywhere you look, there's a postcard waiting to be had; Venice can be overwhelming as you try to find your perfect composition, isolate your subject, and format to taste.

I find I can easily walk 10 miles or more each day when doing street photography in this amazing city on the sea.

Whether you're an earl bird or a night owl, Venice views change dramatically with the lighting conditions and volume of traffic on both land and water, so shooting throughout the day at variety of times is planned on this tour.

Due to the nature of Venice Street Photography,

Locations may vary, but will include: 

Piazza San Marco

Bridge of Sighs

Rialto Bridge

SIde canals


Ponte dell'Accademia

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