Travel Workshops - Silver Cedar Photography

Join us as we experience distant lands and different cultures through photography tours & workshops, designed for anyone wanting to explore the world with their camera. 

Barcelona April 2019

Rome March 2019

Venice May 2019

Rio de Janeiro January 2019

Moab October 2018

Cinque Terre 2019

Our workshops teach you the skills we use while traveling the world and help you feel confident that you can successfully shoot your images using professional tehniques in almost any conditions.

Our Tours and workshops are designed for photographers by photographers. Whether its a weekend classroom-style workshop or an international tour through some of the most beautiful and iconic locations in the world, we've put together our program based on what we've learned in our years of travel and what we wish we'd known as we started out. 

Each Tour is guided by us directly. We will have drivers and facilitators to help us manage specific details, but we are present and directing your Tour and delivering your workshop in person. 

In each case, our tours are taking you to locations where we've personally traveled and where we've taken some favorite portfolio images.

Through our travels, we know these locations and we know how to get you into position for the best photo opportunities.

Introduction to Travel Photography


Maximum 15 Attendees

This introductory workshop covers critical skills for anyone wanting to improve their Landscape & Cityscape Photography as it relates to the traveling photographer.

Our 2 day workshop emphasize advance planning, critical photography skills and logistical considerations, as well as establishing a consistent post processing workflow and the basics of image editing.

This is an ideal workshop for anyone wanting to learn to better use their camera in preparation for upcoming travel or on a regular basis for daily use.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Frosty Morning at the Great Sand Dunes

Make the most of your travel opportunities.

Through the course of two days, we thoughtfully engage workshop participants with informative and detailed discussion of Professional Travel Photography, including the gear we carry and the skills we use while traveling the world and capturing stunning professional images.  

Many of the skills and concepts we cover apply to both domestic and international travel photography, and are suitable for photographers at all skill levels

Workshop participants are encouraged to have a basic understanding of the principles of photography, and be familiar with the basic operations of their DSLR camera, although will not need a DSLR to attend this workshop. 

Participants will be required to have a laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed prior to attending as a large portion of the second day will focus on workflow and post processing images 

Intermediate Travel Photography


Maximum 10 Attendees

Las Vegas

Intermediate to advanced Travel Photography workshop for professionals and dedicated amateurs.

This workshop is designed to incorporate classroom and on-location sessions and to cover the end-to-end process used to create stunning Travel Photography images.

Suitable for anyone wanting to improve their Landscape and Cityscape Photography. 

Covers intermediate to advanced capture and image processing equipment and techniques, such as single and multi-row panoramas, giga-pixel processing considerations, digital blending, color management and image preparation for printing.

Other topics include:

Supplementing your Travel Photography with Drone photography & videography. 

Managing multiple cameras and capturing BTS/B-Roll. 

Establishing and Managing your shot list.

Shooting under varied conditions and lighting.

Participants will need to arrange their travel to/ from designated shoot location. 

On-location shoot will be at a predetermined time and location selected by the instructor.

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