Rome Workshop - Silver Cedar Photography


March 2019 - 7 Day Photography Tour & Workshop

St Peter's Square

Rome is called the eternal city with good reason;  everywhere you look, the history and glory of Rome, which  have inspired the imagination for a thousand years are on display.  Travelers from all over the world flock to Rome each year to see and experience the architecture, the people and the atmosphere. 

We invite you to join us as we take a photographic adventure  through the streets of Rome to the most iconic locations as we capture the beauty its treasured world landmarks.

For 7 extrodinary days and nights, we will work our way through the crown jewel of the ancient world making the most of every sunrise and sunset, to photograph its glorious architecture.

If you want to combine your love of travel with a love of photography, then this tour of Rome is the perfect combination for you.

Wherever possible we'll tailor your small group agenda to meet your specific goals, and adapt our schedule to meet conditions throughout the workshop.

The Vatican Museum

Our schedule to photograph each location is based on optimal lighting conditions and we will flexibly adjust that schedule to match current conditions, such as weather.

We're going to ensure that you are in the best position possible to capture each subject in the best light and against the often dramatic Roman skies.

Locations for our photos will include all of the most iconic locations, including: 

The Roman Colosseum 

The Forum

Vatican Square

Vatican Museum

Pont Sant Angelo

Trevi Fountain

St Peter's Basilica

Historic Landmarks

What's Included:

1. Technical Workshop Tuition

2. Hotel accommodations, based on double occupancy*

3. Private transportation to and from the airport

4. Group ground transportation to / from all designated photo locations.

5. Admission to all designated tour destinations, parks, monuments, museums.

What's Not Included:

1. Airfare to/ From Rome

2. You'll need to bring your Camera gear, including a tripod and a sturdy, comfortable bag or backpack

3. You'll need a laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Loaded and with sufficient storage for your images

4. Your food / drinks

5. Non-tour related transportation or entertainment

6. Country-specific power adapters

Street Photography

Walking through Rome with your camera can be challenging! 

Everywhere you look, the street scenes are a gift to photographers, but will challenge you to make it through the city as the next scene unfolds in front of you and around every corner you you encounter another iconic Roman scene.

Ancient Ruins

Nowhere else in the world can you find the so many of the world's most famous ancient ruins within easy walking distance. 

Its hard for us to separate our categories of Street Photography from Ancient Ruins as they are so intertwined in the City of Rome.

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