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Rio De Janeiro

January 2019 - 4 Day Photography Tour & Workshop

You're invited!

Join us for a 4 day Rio de Janeiro Photography Tour & Workshop.

2018 & 2019 Schedule and prices to be announced.

Come with us as we share with you some of our very favorite locations in beautiful Brazil and experience one of the most vibrant cities in the world!

This workshop focuses primarily on Cityscape and Landscape photography but we've included elements of Travel/Street Photography that take you to the heart of Rio.

Each day will have one or more primary photographic objective: a designated sunrise and sunset location where we'll shoot panoramic landscape images under the best lighting conditions. 

Throughout the remainder of each day, we'll be using our time together to shoot other elements of the city, as well as focus on the techniques we use in post production image processing. 

With the many sights and photo opportunities in Rio, we've established a well rounded agenda that allows participants to really build a solid portfolio of images from this dream destination.

Rio de Janeiro is a joyful, cultural experience and stunning visual feast.

If you have a deep passion for travel as well as a burning desire to photograph dynamic cityscapes & landscapes, then this is just the workshop for you!

Rio de Janeiro boasts some of the most incredible city, sea and mountain scenery on the planet, not to mention warm, wonderful people and tons of amazing food!

Rio De Janeiro is home to a rich vibrant culture that makes it a not-to-be-missed destination for photographers of all skill levels and we're going to spend 4 glorious days photographing some of its most iconic highlights.

Rio's history and culture make this city the gem of the southern hemisphere & it will capture your heart like no other place on earth.

What's Included & What's Not:


1. Technical Workshop Tuition

2. Beach-front hotel accommodations, based on double occupancy*

3. Private transportation to and from the airport

4. Group ground transportation to / from all designated photo locations.

5. Admission to all designated tour destinations, parks, monuments, museums.

Not Included: 

1. Airfare To/From Rio De Janeiro

You'll need to bring your Camera gear, including a tripod and a sturdy, comfortable bag or backpack

2. You'll need a laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Loaded and with sufficient storage for your images

3. Your food / drinks

4. Non-tour related transportation or entertainment

5. Country Specific Power adapters

We make it EASY!

We'll have a private driver meet you at the airport, to assist with your luggage after your long flight and to provide comfortable transportation to your hotel.

After you've had an opportunity to get checked into your room and freshen up, we'll all be gathering for a group dinner & drinks as we get to know everyone and review the schedule for the workshop.

We'll also spend time after dinner with anyone who has questions or wants to review photography basics in preparation for our busy days of shooting starting following morning.

Get Your Carioca On!

Carioca: Portuguese,  pronunced: [kaɾiˈɔkɐ] is  used to refer to anything related to the City of Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Sunrise

Our mornings together will start off with plenty of coffee & an opportunity to photograph the first light over Rio, Copacabana & Ipanema Beaches as well as Cristo Redentor from below. 

Below: Sunrise over Copacabana Beach, with the mountains dramatically bathed in golden light.

Don't forget to look behind you, the view of Cristo Redentor from this location is particularly good in the early mornings as Mirante Dona Marte is visible in the foreground and as the first light illuminates the statue against dramatic skies.

You'll definitely want both wide angle and telephoto lenses at the ready, because these locations offer you the best of both worlds throughout our workshop.

Get Ready!

We get an early start each morning with a dash to our first destination and a busy day of shooting throughout the streets of Rio.

Leave your Havianas at the hotel!

You're going to need a good bag for gear, and some comfortable walking shoes as we head off for a very busy day!

While the level of effort is generally mild, you'll need to work at your own pace as we explore Santa Teresa and surrounding neighborhoods.  

You're going to get plenty of raw material in preparation for our technical sessions where we'll discuss techniques for post production.

Landscape Locations Include:


Cristor Redentor/Corcavado

Mirante Dona Marte

Vista Chinesa

Dois Irmaos

Pedra Bonita

Jardim Botanico

Escadaria Seleron

This very popular tourist destination will quickly become crowded with visitors from all around the world, so arriving early will be the key to getting in our shots before the crowd makes doing so more difficult.

Arriving as early as possible should allow us plenty of time for good photo opportunities before the city comes to life and last nights revelers begin to emerge. 

Your Rio adventure wouldn't be complete without capturing this cultural icon.

Santa Teresa

Street Photography Locations Include:

Santa Teresa

Escadaria Selaron

Monasterio Sao Bento


MAC Niteroi

Santa Teresa is an historic neighborhood located on a hill near the centre of Rio De Janeiro, and is famous for its winding, narrow streets which are a favourite spot for artists and tourists.

Candelaria & Monasterio Sao Bento

No visit to Rio would be complete without including at least one of the two main pillars of Brazilian society, (Football and Religion) nowhere more beautifully on display than Candelaria and The Monsaterio Sao Bento.

These two beautiful locations, are dark interiors which have to be shot without the benefit of tripod or support and will push your equipment to their limits and test your skills.

Your very full days of shooting in the urban neighborhoods of Rio will include the Monasterio Sao Bento, and Candelaria. 

For these dark interior locations, you'll definitely want your fastest lens.

We'll be working on both image composition and how to remove unintended distractions, such as people, from your finished image in Post.

As with many popular global travel destinations, these locations do not allow tripods, so we're going to cover the methods we use for shooting in these situations, as well as how we edit and process our images afterward.


Sugarloaf at Sunset

From the first day we'll take your breath away as we take the tram to the very top of Sugarloaf.

You'll want to keep your camera handy for the Tram ride, whether with stills or video, its an incredible view

This incredible monolith is the largest single granite structure on the planet, and offers some of the worlds most iconic views from its summit. 

You'll be skipping the long lines with your Golden Ticket, giving workshop participants an exclusive ride to the top in style and comfort.

We'll  arrive early enough to shoot plenty of angles as the sun travels through the afternoon sky and to get set for our second designated landscape shoot for the day: Sunset from Sugarloaf.

We'll want to have everything ready to begin our work as the colors of the sunset sky turns brilliant and as the city lights begin to come on. 

You'll definitely want a wide angle lens to shoot this location.

This is a great location to utilize advanced techniques, including single or multi-row panoramas. These techniques do require specialized equipment, which we'll demonstrate, and even have an opportunity for you to try.

Rio De Janeiro

We'll be working on your raw images in post production, using digital blending techniques to produce stunning finished photos.

Rio at Night

An incredible blue hour view of Rio De Janeiro as seen from the peak of Corcavado and the foot of Cristo Redentor

Mirante Dona Marte

Mirante Dona Marte sits just below the peak of Corcovado and Cristo Redentor. From this spactacular vantage, you'll be treated to what I believe is the very best view of Rio as well as another view of Cristo. 

We'll ensure that you arrive at each destination in plenty of time to spend the late afternoon and through the sunset into evening capturing the sunlight as it reaches the end of the day and the city lights turn on;

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