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Cinque Terre Photo Tour & Workshop

Cinque Terre, is a Unesco World Heritage site and national park, comprised of five historic fishing towns along the Ligurian coast of Italy, and has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for photographers from around the globe. 

These small towns are easily accessible by commuter rail, and provide a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of Italian village life, especially in the off season.

At the height of tourist season, these villages and the surrounding hills are host to myriad of tourists, including many drawn to the location in hopes of taking world class photos of the incredible seascapes.

While the warm summers and gentle waters of the summer months may sound idyllic, we actually prefer to plan our visits here in the spring, during some of the stormiest months of the year, when the rough seas and thunderous waves threaten to wash out all but the most intrepid photographers. For this tour, you need to be prepared to shoot whatever the weather throws our way.

Above the waves, lush green hills rise sharply toward the sky, and you'll soon find that whether going up or coming down, the steep narrow cobblestone stairways winding through and between the villages will torture your quads, and have you reconsidering how much gear you decide to carry along with you that morning. 

For those hardy enough, scenic paths lead from one end of Cinque Terre to the other, and can be traversed in a single day.  For those less inclined, the trip is more quickly made using the commuter train which runs frequently between each town, depositing you within a short walk of some of the most photogenic towns in the world.

We've covered these hills, particularly around the 3 most picturesque of the villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Vernazza, typically in the inky blackness of a stormy spring morning as early as the first train would allow. We know which twisting alleyways, narrow cobblestone paved paths to follow to take you from the marina to the heights above the sea, and exactly where to  be at both sunrise and sunset for the very best images.

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