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April 2019 - 5 Day Photography Tour & Workshop

We'd like to invite you to join us as we tour Barcelona, Spain for 5 days with camera in hand, where we know you'll find as much inspiration as we have in this wonderfully friendly and diverse city. 

Each year, we prioritize our travel to Spain, because of the rich history, the culture, the people and the food, and we want you to come along with us and experience this photography adventure on the coast of Spain.

As always, our Barcelona tour offers personalized, hands on photographic workshops, with intentionally small groups in order to maximize your opportunity to learn through 1:1 interaction with us.

Las Ramblas

The City of Barcelona is the world-renowned home of modernist architecture and as an artists' playground.

I'm not sure I can think of a better place to spend a week in late spring or in the autumn than photographing beautiful Spain, with the trees and shrubs in bloom and nesting parrots screeching from their perches in the palms.

Las Ramblas is lined with vendors selling wonderfully aromatic Spanish cuisine, and even Spring rains offer an opportunity to photograph the Gothic Quarter in the very early hours when shadows and reflections are a treat for your lens, if you can keep it dry. Raindrops add halos around the lights, and the paving stones reflect on your images as slick as they feel to the touch.

Above the City, Tibidabo is an eclectic juxtaposition of amusement park and cathedral, with majestic views stretching from the heights to the sea in the distance and overlooking all of the city below.

In a week of pure photographic heaven, Barcelona is just the ticket for anyone who wants to challenge their skills with shooting Landscapes, Cityscapes, interiors and Architecture.  

What's Included and What's Not:

Our Barcelona Photo Tour Locations Include:

La Segrada Familia

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista

The Gothic Quarter


Barcelona Cathedral

Parc Guell

Las Ramblas

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Casa Battlo

What's Included:

1. Technical Workshop Tuition

2. Hotel accommodations, based on double occupancy*

3. Private transportation to and from the airport

4. Group ground transportation to / from all designated photo locations.

5. Admission to all designated tour destinations, parks, monuments, museums.

What's Not Included:

1. Airfare to/from Barcelona

2. You'll need to bring your Camera gear, including a tripod and a sturdy, comfortable bag or backpack

3. You'll need a laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Loaded and with sufficient storage for your images

4. Your food / drinks

5. Non-tour related transportation or entertainment

6. Country-specific power adapters

La Segrada Familia

This glorious modernist cathedral, the dream of Anton Gaudi, is a wonder to see and to photograph. Still under construction, exterior views will need to be edited to remove scaffolding and cranes to realize your finished image. In our photo tour workshop, we cover all the best methods, and proved hands on example for your benefit. 

La Sagrada Familia

Interior views of the Segrada Familia are a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors, with clear bright sunny days the best for filtered light from outside to bring out the distinctive colors of each wall and the ceiling. 

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista

Slightly lesser known, but wonderfully restored example of modernist architecture is Sao Pau Recinte Modernista.

This hospital turned museum was originally built in the 15th century and is now a world heritage site and a treat for photographers. 

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista

The Gothic Quarter & Barcelona Cathedral

El Barri Gotic, or the Gothic Quarter, is a maze of narrow, medieval streets, paved with smooth stone and lined with shops leading into and out of historic neighborhoods.

Typically bustling with visitors from the world over, we've found that shooting here in the earliest hours can produce wonderfully dark and ominous images that live up to its name. 

At the center of the Gothic Quarter, sits Barcelona Cathedral, the worlds largest gothic cathedral; its rich dark interior stands in stark contrast to the vibrant Segrada Familia.

 A visit to Barcelona  will produce an incredible variety of images!

The Gothic Quarter and Barcelona Cathedral are also outstanding subjects for black and white photography, which is only one of the subjects and photographic skills we cover throughout this tour.

Parc Guell

Antoni Gaudi's wonderfully eclectic world is on full display at Parc Guell, with its glistening, multicolored tiles and winding paths through lush gardens.

Parrots nesting in the top of the palms screech and complain at the tourists who make this a challenging location for the travel photographer.

In many cases, advanced editing techniques are going to be required to remove unwanted subjects from your finished images. 

Inside the time Guard houses, You'll be forced to work inside with variable light conditions, shooting small rooms and air odd angles. 

The potential is here for amazing images, but this location will test your abilities, so be prepared.

Street Photography

As with all of our Tours and Workshops, we have a specific set of goals for our shot list to be covered during the golden and blue hours for optimal lighting, but we also want to make sure we spend our days productively, getting the most out of your visit to these beautiful destinations. 

Barcelona is an incredibly diverse city, with many opportunities for street photography not to be missed. The images below, taken at La Boqueria Market adjacent to Las Ramblas is always a wonderful stop on our photographic itinerary, not only for its scenes, bit for the delicious foods to be had as a side benefit.

La Boqueria


There just isn't a better name for a mountain than Tibidabo. Period. Tibidabo is the perfect name for this perch, so far above Barcelona.

Mount Tibidabo should also be a familiar name to fan's of the 90's TV show "Friends", where Joey recounts the following fictional story: 

"I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo. I was at the end of this path, and I came to a clearing, and there was a lake, very secluded, and there were tall trees all around. It was dead silent...."

While we must have missed the lake, and we never saw Joey, this is definitely a location that we want to explore further through golden and blue hours, or during adverse weather conditions. 

This small cathedral is an easy ride by car or tram, and boasts an amazing vantage sitting atop the mountain peak overlooking Barcelona with views that stretch all the way to the sea.  A brief elevator ride takes you to the top tier, for a dizzying view of the city far, far below. For us, this location is on our short list for a return visit on our next trip to beautiful Spain.

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