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Keeping Tabs on a Construction Project is No Small Task.

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Every construction job has many moving parts and Aerial imagery can help you monitor and manage many of your complex tasks.

From tracking progress to managing subcontractors, communicating across teams can be challenging — no matter the size of your organization.

The good news is, by spending approximately an hour each week mapping your jobsite from the air with a drone, you’ll gain an entire toolkit to help you and your team work more efficiently, make more informed decisions, and communicate with ease.

Our Services make collaboration and information sharing, both internally and externally, easier than ever before.  The platform we use is cloud based, so it’s easy to share your annotated maps between team members, or keep external stakeholders up-to-speed on the progress of a project.

In contractor meetings, having a clear display of any current site issues is a powerful communication tool. Likewise, having an up-to-date drone map helps distribute information efficiently, even among large teams.

Streamline the decision-making process by referencing a drone map any time changes need to be made to a project.

Our Commercial Drone Services include:

Aerial Surveys & Mapping

Construction Site Surveys and 3D mapping

Aerial Insurance Inspections  

Real Estate Photography/Videography

FAA Licensed Remote Pilot - Part 107 

LAANC/Advanced Flight planning services using Skyward.IO & KittyHawk, as well as real-time airspace risk assessments using Airmap

Drone Deploy aerial mapping and survey services

           Insurance inspections/ Detailed Roof Damage Reports

           Construction Site Surveys and 3D Mapping.

           Elevation Profiles

          Agricultural Reports

Flights Insured to $1,000,000 

Real-time VHF Air Traffic Flight communications monitoring for safety

Construction Site Safety Compliance including OSHA required PPE

Drone services, including maps and data models, not only provide an aerial view of your project, but each map includes a rich set of data that can be used to further measure and analyze just about anything on your  job site.

Here are three ways you can improve communication on your jobsite with drone data:

1) Project Monitoring and Site Inspection

2) Take Volume and Area Measurements, Estimate Stockpiles, and Monitor Earthwork

3) Share Insights, Align Teams and Inform Stakeholders

We use Skyward.IO for mission planning allowing us to seamlessly integrate our pre-mission coordination, including the ability to jointly review all aspects of our intended flight objectives and areas of coverage with your team in advance, and to link the data collected during aerial operations directly to the flight plans. This allows you to maintain a record of all aerial activities for regulatory and safety compliance.  

Our commercial operations begin well before any flight operations begin with detailed operational plans using Skyward.IO and Airmap to document your job site and its related FAA airspace classification to determine the appropriate level of flight clearance required for safety.  

Each flight is graphically mapped with structures and obstructions noted.

All data is then seamlessly integrated with Drone Deploy's cloud- based mapping functionality to automatically create the optimal flight path for your job site. 

Drone Deploy is then used to automatically manage the flight itself, removing the possibility of human error, but with the ability for the trained pilot-in-command to take direct control of the aircraft at any time to mitigate unforeseen emergency conditions should they arise.

Commercial Property & Real Estate Services

As a full service Commercial Photographer, we've worked with business clients throughout the western United States to photograph their facilities inside and out, whether its for marketing purposes or insurance requirements.  

Businesses need to have professional images that show their workspaces in the best possible light.

Whether you're an architectural firm or construction company designing and building multi-million dollar projects, or a general contractor wanting to showcase their latest remodel or commercial development, we can work with you to ensure your work is captured with high quality images. 

Corporate Spaces

Event Photography

Contact us today to see how we can work with your corporate marketing team to provide high quality professional photos of your corporate or non-profit event. 

We've worked with businesses and charity groups throughout Colorado to professionally photograph a broad range of events. 

Whether its a marketing activation, a promotional event, sports-related, or cultural festival, we can work with you to ensure you get the photos your business needs.

Event Photography

Minor Details & The Fine Print:

Safety is always our number 1 priority, we therefore strictly adhere to FAA regulations regarding flights over crowds and prohibition of flights after dark without prior FAA approval. Use of visual observer is at the sole discretion of the remote pilot in charge of aerial operations and determined based on situational conditions. Flights my be curtained, cancelled or modified at any time up to and throughout the course of an aerial operation for safety reasons. 

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