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Welcome to Silver Cedar Photography

Wyoma & Derek


Wyoma is a promotional model with many years of experience managing corporate promotional events across the country and in Mexico.

She gets our message out on Instagram & Facebook; keeping our friends and clients informed of our latest shoot or upcoming plans or events.


Derek is our photographer & manages the business, image capture, post production & delivery processes.

Derek worked, for many years as a program manager in the technology industry where he managed global service operations, world-wide spares logistics and Customer Acceptance of High Performance Computer Systems.

Derek was honored in 2011 as a national finalist for the American Business Association (ABA) Stevie Awards for Customer Service Manager of the Year. 

Today Derek uses his knowledge of photography, technology and business, to grow Silver Cedar Photography and is dedicated to  producing world class images.

The focus of our work is mainly in 3 areas, allowing us to be somewhat diversified, yet still narrow enough that we can excel at specific styles of photography. 

Our Travel Photography, including Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Street Photography is where we're moving to the next level and beginning to provide workshops and soon web and video tutorials.  

We've had years of experience with this genre of Photography, and are becoming recognized for creating highly dynamic images from around the world.

Our Executive Headshots are a highly stylized form of portraiture done either in studio and on-location, using technical lighting to produce a highly polished finished product. This style of photography involves a completely different set of skills from our other work, but we've found all of our work benefits from what we learn in our other genres, particularly as it relates to the quality of light on our subjects.

Finally, our Commercial Services, including aerial, drone & real estate photography is a relatively new segment for us, but where we definitely see the potential and an abundant overlap with our other work.

In many cases, our Executive Headshot clients will want other services, which we're happy to fulfill.

Real Estate, like our landscapes and cityscapes uses many of the same techniques, and can take on a whole new outlook from 400ft in the air, so we think the sky's the limit on our Commercial Services.

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