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International Photography Tours & Workshops

Our workshops teach you the skills required to travel anywhere on the globe with confidence that you can successfully shoot the highest quality professional images in almost any conditions.

We're on a mission to  share what we've learned in workshops throughout the United States and in select international locations.

Our international workshops are geared toward anyone aspiring to be a Travel Photographer, as well as anyone just wanting to improve their Landscape & Cityscape Photography, or to learn what it takes to create professional quality images using their DSLR.

We cover everything we do to create our images; from the equipment used in capturing our images to the tools and the workflow we've developed to create our finished products.

Attendees also benefit from insightful discussion & real world experiences directly from the field, including what's worked, but also what's gone wrong, and how to avoid costly pitfalls.

We provide in-depth tutorials, that walk attendees through subjects such as location selection, pre-trip planning, image capture and post processing tips and techniques. 

Each workshop will cover everything you need to know about getting started as a travel and adventure photographer and how to take professional quality images.

Intermediate & multi-day workshops  include on-location sessions in some of the worlds most beautiful destinations.  

Custom Photography for your Home and Office

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